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Nature and Technology in the heart of Europe


Italy-Canada Business Forum 2023
The Chamber of Commerce takes part at the Italy-  Canada Business Forum on Artificial Intelligence  in order to promote the Varese area in Canada.
6th- 9th November 2023 - Centre Mont RoyalMontréal
Discover the values of the Varese area and the key factors that make the province of VareseCartina Canada the ideal area in which to invest.
The province of Varese has a central position in the heart of Europe, a few steps from Switzerland and a short distance from the economic capital of Italy, Milan.
The infrastructure and the access of Malpensa International Airport offer a privileged entrance to both Swiss and European markets, creating an ideal environment for international investment.

varesedoyoubikeTourism and Sport

The natural and cultural beauty of the province makes it an ideal place for tourism. Varese is the perfect blend of nature and innovation, positioning itself as a first-class destination for both investors and tourists.

With a wide range of cultural anf sporting activities, Varese is an essencial stop for those who love active&green holidays - Varesedoyoulake 

Discover the itineraries to explore the province of Varese by bike - Varesedoyoubike 

Sport tourism represents one of the pillars of the province, from amateurs to professionals.
Water and winter sports find in the local infrastructures an ideal place for training and competitions.

In particular, the Varese ice rink is a modern structure that hosts high-level events and competitions. Furthermore, the proximity to the Milan-Cortina 2026 venues makes this city the ideal base for delegations participating in the games and for those who want to experience the excitement of the Winter Olympic games.



The economy of this area is based on a high-level industrial and artisanal production, with some strategic production hubs capable of mixing tradition, sustainability, and innovation. The leading sector are in particular: 
  • aerospace industry, highly specialized in the helicopter, aeronautical and space sectors
  • electromechanics
  • metalworking and industrial machinery
  • textilesclothing and fashion
An important element in Varese economic fabric is represented by Innovative Startups, which have been constantly growing over the last years and which concentrate in the business services sector offering expertise in the fields of research and development and IT.


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